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VigeVageKnjige is an independent Slovenian publishing house specialised in comic books for children and graphic novels for young adults and adults.
Created in 2012 and registered in October 2013 we published our first book at the end of 2014. Six years later, by the end of 2020, we will put out 36 titles 4 of which are sold out and 10 of which we have already reprinted.

From the beginning we have been working successfully with foundations from abroad (Norla, Traduki, Kulturradet, Institut français de Slovénie), and in 2018, for the first time, we acquired partial co-financing from the Slovenian Book Agency, which since grew into a 4-year support scheme we are a part of. We are planning 9 new editions for 2021.

The basic goal of VigeVageKnjige is threefold: (1) publishing books, (2) improving reading literacy among younger and older population in Slovenia and (3) raising awareness of a graphic novel as a literary genre; the latter requires broadening of reader base in Slovenia. We therefore aim to present our novelties in innovative ways and in a manner of tailor-made book release events. Each year we invite at least one author or guest from abroad - so far, we are proud to have hosted in Ljubljana Delphine Vaute, Kate Evans, Ute Helmbold, Marc-Antoine Mathieu, Adrien Demont & tAk, and Nicolas Mahler.

The selection of our translations is diverse; we mainly stay within the field of indie graphic novels but do not limit ourselves by it. In 2019 we for the first time published a book by two Slovenian (female) authors; in 2020 we made this into a tradition, and since publish at least 1 original Slovene book per year.


VigeVageKnjige is based in Ljubljana and has three permanent members:

Anja Golob, editor-in-chief (
Katja Šaponjić, translator and proofreader
Nejc Golob, financial matters (

Zala Zagoršek Golob helps us with foreign rights contacts and organisational matters ( We collaborate with 6 co-workers on a permanent basis, and with translators and other participants for specific projects.
For further information please contact our PR Polonca Štritof (, or call: +386 40 218 936).
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Oh, and this is us, it's August 16th 2020 and we just conquered the top of the mountain Kladivo / The Hammer (2094m).